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The North American Punjabi Trucking Association (NAPTA) is the proud representative of the Punjabi trucking industry. NAPTA is a non-profit organization advocating to improve business and safety standards for all its members.

Mission Statement

NAPTA promotes professional growth, prosperity, education, training, highway and driver safety for our members. We advocate the highest standards of service, conduct, safe, efficient and profitable trucking industry across all sectors and industry types, regardless of size, domicile or type of operation.

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We are please to announce that Hankook has finalized the program with NAPTA now. The Hankook national fleet account program allows authorized fleets to purchase tire from Hankook  dealers using agreed upon price list. The purchases are then invoiced directly to the fleet accounts.

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Asset Monitoring for Highest Accuracy, Visibility, Accountability and Safety.

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Direct ELD link – https://www.matrackinc.com/electronic-logging-devices/

          Phone:  +1 (855) 658-7225      Email: support.gps@matrackinc.com 

For information and enrollment assistance please call Lotus Benefits Corporation

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